Practice Areas

Paul W. Blake has over forty years of experience providing reliable criminal defense for clients from all walks of life in Southern California. He has successfully represented clients in federal, state, and appellate courts in matters ranging from DUI, robbery, and assault to narcotics, RICO, and homicide.

Paul W Blake Attorney at Law

Federal Crimes

When the federal government decides to charge someone with a federal crime, that person is in a true David-versus-Goliath battle. The defendant will need an attorney who can assemble a team of investigators and experts prepared to fight to obtain the real evidence that the government often withholds. Paul W. Blake can help you with his extensive experience in dealing with such cases.

State Crimes

State cases can often be affected by questionable police work, coercive interrogation methods, sloppy forensic work by underfunded crime laboratories, and overly zealous prosecutors. An experienced attorney is needed to access and assemble facts and evidence to challenge accusations made by the state. You can trust Paul W. Blake's expertise to win the case for you.

False Allegations of Financial Elder Abuse

If you are falsely accused of financial elder abuse, you can't expect the matter to be treated as a misunderstanding. You will need expert legal representation to protect you from your accusers and the police. Paul W. Blake is here to offer you the necessary guidance.


There remains a great deal of disparity in the enforcement of drug laws and many traps for the unwary. Depending on the jurisdiction and often the personal preferences of prosecutors and police, there is no shortage of unfair results for individual defendants. That is why Paul W. Blake delivers reliable services to protect your safety.