Federal Crimes

When the government decides to charge someone with a federal crime, that person is in a true David-versus-Goliath battle. The defendant will need an attorney who can assemble a team of investigators and experts prepared to fight to obtain the real evidence that is often withheld by the government. It is essential that a defendant retain an attorney skilled and knowledgeable in federal law, federal sentencing guidelines, and the rules of the federal court in order to present an effective defense.

RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations)

The federal RICO Act was originally intended to break up organized crime syndicates such as the Mafia. RICO charges can include, but are not limited to, murder, drug trafficking, sale of firearms, and extortion.  An experienced defense attorney who understands how the government prosecutes its cases is necessary to make sure that they follow the law.

Criminal Conspiracy

Conspiracy charges are a powerful weapon used by the government in its efforts to strike at perceived lawbreakers. A conspiracy can be charged by the government when two or more people agree to act together to commit a crime.

There is a wide range of crimes that can be charged as conspiracies. A common example would be a person who agrees to drive a car to assist in a bank robbery. The driver would have to know and have agreed to drive the car for the unlawful purpose of robbing the bank. The mere fact of driving may not be a crime, but the government must relate the act of driving to the commission of the criminal act. Defendants charged with conspiracy need an attorney who is knowledgeable with the subtleties of the law to avoid aggressive prosecutors.

Gang Affiliation

It is very common for the government to add allegations of gang affiliation in order to enhance their case. The government will often resort to paid expert witnesses to label individuals or groups as gang related, and much of this information is incorrect. A skilled attorney is necessary in order to challenge government experts and their claims.


The government spends a massive amount of resources in pursuing narcotic crimes. This pursuit is often based upon political and financial rewards for government agencies for narcotic convictions. It is necessary to have an attorney with experience in narcotic cases at the federal level who is aware of any civil rights and criminal procedural violations that may be committed by aggressive police tactics.

White Collar

White Collar crime generally involves offenses of financial fraud and misappropriation.  There is growing pressure on law enforcement and the judicial system to send a message that they are cracking down on white-collar crime through tough sentencing. Skilled defense counsel will synthesize and organize large volumes of financial information used by the government to overwhelm a defendant. With the expertise of accountants and other financial professionals, errors can be exposed in the government’s allegations.

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