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Treatment of the elderly is a sensitive subject and is taken seriously by the judicial system. With people living much longer, conflicts do arise within families over the management of financial assets. These conflicts can lead to false accusations being made against family members and caregivers. Unfortunately, prosecutors will often file criminal charges based solely on unsupported accusations, many times by anonymous people. This opens the door for innocent individuals to be falsely accused and wrongly arrested. Paul W. Blake is an experienced San Diego elder abuse lawyer. If you have been falsely accused of elder abuse, contact his office.

If you are falsely accused of financial elder abuse, do not expect the matter to be treated as a misunderstanding. It is a serious charge. It is imperative that you get legal representation, even if no charges have been filed. The police and investigative agencies are not your friend and will distort innocent comments in order to make an arrest. Remember, unbeknownst to you, an investigation has already begun, and anything your accuser says will be taken as the truth.

A San Diego Elder Abuse Lawyer Can Help Defend Against Accusations of Financial Misappropriation

This has become an increasingly common occurrence.  Family caregivers are being accused of stealing money or property from loved ones. Usually the accusations come from other family members.

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