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An Experienced Drug Crimes Lawyer in San Diego

The war against drugs is still alive and well. Government agencies expend an incredible amount of resources in investigations and prosecutions involving narcotics. There remains a great deal of disparity in enforcement of drug laws and many traps for the unwary. Depending on the jurisdiction and often the personal preferences of prosecutors and police, there is no shortage of unfair results for individual defendants. A drug crimes lawyer can help defendants understand how to proceed. There is no substitute for careful review of any evidence and investigation involving any violation of search and seizure laws, coercive police interrogation tactics, and government use of witnesses who are paid or who are offered deals to testify against you. Paul W. Blake, a drug attorney in San Diego, helps clients who have been convicted of:

  • Distribution
  • Possession
  • Smuggling
  • Manufacturing
  • Prescription Drug Fraud

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